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We use dust-free blasting for floors which need roughening and cleaning of hard surfaces such as concrete, steel and plastic.

Applications of Dust-free blasting

We use dust-free blasting for various purposes:

    • Roughening, where there is a surface magnification for better adhesion
    • Roughening, as a final finish for an anti-slip layer
    • Removal of contamination such as on cementitious surfaces, sludge skin or layer of sludge. For metal substrates dust-free blasting is ideal for removing rust, coating or mill scale.

Benefits of blasting

Did you know that blasting surfaces has many advantages? The most important advantages are:

    • The blasted material and blasting residue are immediately extracted
    • Cleaner air through microfilters in the extraction units
    • Separation of abrasive and residue for reuse of the abrasive
    • Environmentally friendly way without additives
    • No loss of time due to cleaning up
    • No cleaning costs
    • Immediate application of the finishing layer possible (even during blasting!)

Dust-free blasting machines

Depending on the type of work, we use blasting machines with a weight of 75 > 1500 kilos and a maximum capacity of 2500 square meters per hour. The most used machines bring 350 – 600 kilos to the floor.

Extraction systems are available in various capacities and are tailored to the used machines. Both blasting machines and extraction systems have their own power supplies, so that almost anything is possible at almost any location.

Different blasting techniques

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Dust-free blasting? Choose Nieuwenhuis

Are you curious about the possibilities of dust-free blasting for your projects? At Nieuwenhuis we have been working as a specialist in the preparation of floors and surfaces for more than 30 years. We work for clients in various sectors such as road and construction companies, governments, shipyards, Contact us for more information about dustless blasting.

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