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Sandblasting is a common technique for blasting surfaces. It is also known as grit blasting.

Sandblasting: how it works

Sand blasting is a technique for roughening or cleaning surfaces. With the term sandblasting you would expect that this technique uses sand or grit, but this is not the case. The use of sand has been banned by Dutch law for many years because of health risks. What is used for blasting are so-called grit grains. These grit grains are blown against a surface using a high-pressure machine.

Sandblasting applications

Sandblasting has two important applications. First it is very suitable for roughening surfaces, for example for better adhesion or as a final finish for an anti-slip layer. Also, sandblasting is a technique for cleaning and preparing surfaces. Consider for example the removal of old paint layers, coatings, dirt and rust. After sandblasting, a surface is completely clean and then ready for any further treatments.

Benefits of sandblasting

Sandblasting has many advantages:

  • Sandblasting is an environmentally friendly technique
  • Suitable for multiple applications, such as roughening and cleaning
  • Effective process for surfaces
  • Immediate application of the finishing layer possible (even during blasting)
  • Sandblasting can be applied to various types of surfaces such as concrete, steel and plastic
  • Can also be used with direct extraction, for this we refer you to our page about vacuum blasting
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Sandblasting? Choose Nieuwenhuis

Are you curious about the possibilities of sandblasting for your projects? At Nieuwenhuis we have been working as a specialist in the preparation of floors and surfaces for more than 30 years. We work for clients in various sectors such as road and construction companies, governments, shipyards, Contact us for more information about shot blasting.

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