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Hambakenwetering 22, 5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch



Leveling is used to deliver a floor completely flat.

Depending on the starting situation, there are four types of work processes
to level a floor:

Situation 1: existing closed adhesive bed

The level is equal to an existing closed adhesive bed
which is applied to level the floor.

Situation 2: if there is a chance of ‘burning’

Depending on the substrate and the suction, first a
adhesive primer is applied. This guarantees optimal adhesion
of the substrate and the equaline.

Situation 3: Soft, non-pressure-resistant floors

The top layer is impregnated to form a firmer structure
obtained before the equaline is applied to level the floor.

Situation 4: Moisture insulating coating

If there is a chance of rising damp, preventive a
moisture-insulating adhesive layer is applied.

In specific cases, a floor can be closed by laser precision with minimum tolerances (in millimeters).

In all cases, egaline is used, a liquid cement / gypsum-bound mass, which is applied manually or with pumps, depending on the surface. If you work with one of the three types of pumps, the equalin can be reinforced with fibers.

Think of sports floors according to NOC / NSF

All projects are delivered broom cleanly,
suitable for further processing.

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