Steam cleaning

When temperatures between 100 and 150 degrees are used, steam is applied. Cleaning with steam is mainly applied to fragile and vulnerable substrates and layers, which can be better processed by temperature. The steam ‘sucks’ the pollution out of the structure as it were to affect them mechanically.

Steamcleaning with fittings

With special accessories such as the skater and the twister (which show some resemblance to the well-known wallpaper strippers), maximum extraction and minimum inconvenience are achieved on flat surfaces. Nieuwenhuis also works according to proven values for steam cleaning.

With our mobile unit we can carry out the work at any conceivable location. At least a water connection is required. The rest is all there, from an aggregate and compressor to the hoses and consumables.

We are going to 500BAR and double boilers which gives a hot water yield of almost 1800 liters per hour.

More information about steam cleaning?