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Hambakenwetering 22, 5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch



We apply stripping when removing asbestos-free floor coverings.

  • Removing carpet and carpet tiles;
  • Removing marmoleum and linoleum;
  • Removing vinyl and PVC coverings;
  • Removing Colivinyl tiles;
  • Removing computer floors;
  • Removing parquet.

From concrete and stony floors.

We also remove floor coverings from concrete and stony floors. In the first two cases, the machine is usually stripped, using machines with a moving or a vibration-free knife.

With a vibration-free knife mainly hard floor coverings are removed and the noise pollution is minimal. This is often a requirement in hospitals and care homes.

Professional result

From wood floors.

Wood floors are stripped manually in most situations. The soft structure and a more layered layer of adhesive are the main reasons for removing the floor coverings.


All projects are delivered broom clean. If desired, the edges are cut clean at intermediate walls. he removal of the residual materials takes place in consultation. The client remains the formal owner of the waste.
The client remains formally the owner of the waste that arises after removing a floor.

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