Hambakenwetering 22, 5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch


Hambakenwetering 22, 5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch


Diamond sanding

Diamond sanding can be done completely dust-free. The floor can be processed immediately after treatment by dust-free sanding. This technique is used for sanding away bumps and uneven surfaces (without sanding sheets) of existing or new cured frayed concrete floors.

Diamond sanding can be applied to floors that:

  • Are too coarse;
  • Have high seams;
  • Are burned;
  • Are polluted or rainy.

Some advantaged of diamond sanding:

  • No blasting and damage;
  • Minimum inconvenience during work;
  • No cleaning costs thanks to dust-free sanding;
  • Better planning possible through the verifiable process.

Machines for diamond sanding

Diamond sanders are equipped with special sanding units for the conditions in which they have to perform. Extraction systems are available in various capacities and are tailored to the sanding machines used.

Both the sanding machines and the extraction systems can operate with their own power supply so that almost every work is possible at almost every location.

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