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Hambakenwetering 22, 5231 DC 's-Hertogenbosch


Chisel milling

Chisel milling is the best technique for the heavier milling work. The milling head of the machine is equipped with small chisels that work the top layer of concrete without any problems.

Chisel milling: how it works

Chisel milling is one of the techniques we use for concrete milling, in addition to drum milling. With drum and slat cutters, the slats strike the layer which needs to be processed. This makes the hardness of the layer very important for grinding. With chisel milling, the milling head is equipped with chisels. We use this type of milling when a lot of equipment has to be removed during a job, for example when it concerns a concrete floor of a few centimeters. We use the other concrete milling techniques (drum milling / slat milling) for odd jobs such as roughening a floor or removing old layers or coatings.

Chisel milling applications

Chisel milling is suitable for several purposes:

  • Ideal for heavier milling jobs
  • Fast and efficient way to remove layers
  • Remove a few centimeters of concrete floor in a short time
  • Remove height differences between concrete surfaces

Our chisel milling machines

At Nieuwenhuis we work with two special chisel milling machines: Piranha and Wirtgen. The Piranha is a cutter for the heavier work, but is electric and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Piranha is mainly used for removing hard and flexible top layers with minimal damage to the substrate and is able to mill thicker layers in one. The Piranha can be equipped with coarse or very fine rolls, depending on the job.
What could be nicer than actually seeing the Piranha in action? For this, watch the following video on YouTube: dust-free milling with the Piranha.

Chisel milling? Choose Nieuwenhuis

Are you curious about the possibilities of chisel milling your surfaces? At Nieuwenhuis we like to think with you. We have been in this field for more than 30 years and work for many different clients: from floor companies to shipyards and from governments to project upholsterers. Contact us for more information about milling.

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